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* Please enter Employee Number/NRIC for verification identity.

How to search for your company's medical panel
1. Enter your employee no. or NRIC and click verify
2. Select your company from the list
3. Select state
4. Enter the search keyword. You can enter the hospital/clinic name, location (street name or city) or postcode and click search


Search by panel's name or location
Let say you want to search for Klinik Kita. Just enter 'Kita' as the keyword and all the panels with 'Kita' in their name will be displayed.
Similarly, if you want to search for clinic in Seremban, enter 'Seremban' as the keyword, and all the panels with 'Seremban' in the name, address or city will be displayed.

Search by Postcode
To search by postcode, just enter the 5 digits postcode as the keyword.
You can also widen your search by entering only part of the postcode.
Let say your enter 403, all the panels in the postcode 40300 to 40399 will be displayed.